Our financial and risk services include:

Finance, Treasury, and Risk Management

    1. Interim Management Roles or Consulting Services in:
      1. CFO
      2. Treasurer
      3. Mergers & Acquisitions execution
      4. Financial restructuring, Chapter 11 processes
      5. Financial risk assessment and management
    2. Board service


Our environmental risk and reporting services include:

Environmental Risk and Assurance

  1. External (“Engaged”) Specialist support for financial audits of environmental liabilities (EL) or Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO);
  2. Interim Environmental Remediation or EHS Management roles;
  3. Consulting Services:
      1. EL and ARO estimates:
        1. internal audit support;
        2. controls development;
        3. audit readiness;
        4. team training;
        5. support during financial audit;
        6. responding to process deficiencies identified during internal or external audit.
      2. EL and ARO mergers & acquisitions estimate assessment and audit readiness;
      3. Sustainability reporting and assurance.

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